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Friday, June 22, 2007

It is no surprise that I have been neglecting dir2ogg a bit over the last year, focusing my efforts on sneetchalizer instead. A gentleman by the name of Julian Andres Klode will be taking over maintaining dir2ogg as of version 0.9.3. I have no doubt that Julian will give dir2ogg the care and love it deserves. He is already working on improvements and is intending to push out a 0.10 release in the next few days. It should also be noted that as of this new version dir2ogg will be moving from the Artistic Licence to the GPL. Also, the script will now use Mutagen to consolidate the scripts meta-tagging.

So: as of today, if you have questions, comments, or bugs to report with the script please contact Julian care of dir2ogg's new website. For historical and sentimental reasons I am going to keep all the 0.9.3 and previous versions of the script available from here, but please, don't use them. Go get the new one.

Godspeed dir2ogg! You were my first project and first companion down the exciting path of free/open source software development. I would like to thank everybody who took the time to send in bug reports, or just a note saying how dir2ogg has helped them over the last four years. It means a lot.
Note for those looking to convert a file _to_ mp3, m4a, or flac

Looking at my webalizer stats I can see that a large number of people are coming to this page using a search query like 'convert m4a to mp3'. dir2ogg does not convert to mp3s, but I am loathe to allow anyone to leave my site unsatisfied so I wrote a new script in Ruby called sneetchalizer. It is basically like dir2ogg except you can convert between any two supported formats. So: If you want to just convert some files to Ogg Vorbis format, go ahead and use dir2ogg. But if you want the Swiss-Army Knife of audio conversion tools, you will want to have a look at sneetchalizer.

Steve Nixon has sent in a shell script which converts a directory of m4a files to mp3. Thanks Steve...
If you are using windows you may want to have a look at BonkEnc. Tip courtesy of Wim Vander Schelden.


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