Linux Links

Heres some links to some Linux-related websites that I find myself accessing quite often:

* Linux Questions: This is the best Linux forum out there. Most people are friendly and willing to help with any problems you may have running Linux. You can find me there quite often as well. My username is bulliver
* This is the Linux kernel repository. If you need a kernel, this is the place.
* Ibiblio is a massive archive of Linux software and documentation. It mirrors many Linux distributions FTP download sites, as well as the LDP (see below). Also, they archive my very own dir2ogg
* The Linux Documentation Project: This is the home of the Linux Guides and Howtos. Also has online versions of the man-pages. If you are looking for docs, try here first.
* Free Software Foundation: The home of GNU and FSF. Here you can find sources and docs for all the GNU software available. A vital part of any GNU/Linux system
* Open Source Initiative: Contains info on open-source software for both hackers and suits. If nothing else you should read the Halloween Documents, very entertaining.
* Gentoo Linux: My Linux distro of choice.
* ESRs homepage: If you don't know who Eric S. Raymond is, you need to educate yourself. His Website is full of quality FAQs, HOWTOs, writings and much more. There are many jewels waiting to be discovered at this site.
* Google Linux: If you can't find it anywhere else, try Linux Google.


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