The sneetchalizer is a Ruby script which converts between several different audio file formats and tries to preserve meta tags if they exist or create them if they don't. The script can handle any number of file and/or directory arguments. sneetchalizer is the glue that binds together various audio encoders/decoders:

for mp3 encoding/decoding (MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3)
for mp3 encoding (MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3)
for mp3 encoding (MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3)
oggenc and oggdec
for ogg encoding/decoding (Ogg Vorbis)
faac and faad
for m4a, m4b, mp4 and aac encoding/decoding (MPEG-4 Part 14)
for flac encoding/decoding (Free Lossless Audio Codec)
for wma decoding (Windows Media Audio)
for ape encoding/decoding (Monkey's Audio)
mppenc and mppdec
for Musepack encoding/decoding
wavpack and wvunpack
for Wavpack encoding/decoding
speexenc and speexdec
for Speex encoding/decoding (Note: you must build with "Ultra-wideband" support for this to work)
for True Audio encoding/decoding
ofr and ofs
for OptimFROG and OptimFROG DualStream encoding/decoding
for aif, au, cdr and mp2 encoding/decoding

* You can retrieve mp3 id3 tags if you install Guillaume Pierronnet's ruby-mp3info library, Robin Stoker's id3lib-ruby library, or Tilo Sloboda's ID3 library for Ruby. They will be searched for and used in that same order.
* You can retrieve wma meta-tags if you install my wmainfo-rb library (>= 0.3).
* You can retrieve flac meta-tags if you install my flacinfo-rb library.
* You can retrieve m4a/aac et al meta-tags if you install Jason Terk's MP4Info library.
* You can retrieve ogg meta-tags if you install Guillaume Pierronnet's ruby-ogginfo library.
* You can retrieve ape, mpp, mpc, ofr, ofs, tta, and wv meta-tags if you install Jeremy Evans' ruby-apetag library.

You can view the source code.


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